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Guide to Student Neighborhoods close to UFS in Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein is well known as the ‘city of roses’ and it also happens to be the judicial
capital city of South Africa. The University of the Free State Main Campus and South
campus happens to be situated in this city. If you are new in town you probably
wondering which suburbs border the University of the Free State, there are a number
of suburbs around the University that one can chose to stay in as a new student and I
hope this will guide you into making the right decision. There are four main suburbs
around the University and they are:


It is a neighbourhood that is filled with businesses, student accommodations,
guesthouses, hotels and flats. It has a bit of a ‘Kasi’ feel to it. Brandwag begins at the
Nelson Mandela drive which happens to be across the University Main gate. Brandwag
has approximately two shopping complexes (Bloemgate and Brandwag centre) on two
ends of the area. Opposite Brandwag centre, there is Mimosa mall, which is an
advantage if you stay in that area, you will be close to the shopping complexes and
the mall. The downside to staying in this area is that the criminal activity is quite
elevated compared to the other neighbouring suburbs. The community does not have
much patrollers as the area is only now filled with accommodations particularly student
accommodations. In overall, the suburb is convenient if you want to stay near the main
gate but you have to be weary of criminals.


It is near the University

Shopping complexes are close by

The mall is a walking distance


The area is not 100% safe as it surrounded by accommodations

There is no patrolling taking place at all

Criminal activities occur


Is a tranquil suburb and quite the largest suburb that surrounds the University
premises. It is a mixture of residents and student accommodations. Students who stay
in Universitas depending on which side of the Universitas they stay at they will utilize
gate 3 (medical gate), gate 2 and/or the campus key gate which is close to campus
key and it is only for pedestrians. The area does not have much shops nearby or
restaurants but there are two shopping centres with a Spar. Even though there aren’t
many shops and restaurants in the area, it is a walking distance from the University
which you can always access for certain restaurants. It is also safe as there are
community forum patrollers, in addition, it is a peaceful and tranquil suitable for


It close to the University (walking distance)

It safe (not 100%) but there are community patrollers in the area.

It is peaceful and tranquil


It is further away from the malls

Depending where you are located in Universitas, the shopping complexes might be a bit of a distant


It is a laid-back place with a vibrant atmosphere and it is surrounded by local
restaurants and pubs/clubs. The only form of accommodation offered are townhouses
or rather flats. This area is not as close to the University as Brandwag and Universitas
but it is still within walking distance to the University. It is road in this location are quite
busy so the criminal activity is at it minimal, although it is not ideal to stay there if you
have late night classes.


It has a flamboyant atmosphere

It is close to the mall and local restaurants


It is a bit further away from the University

Since there are clubs/pubs around the area, it is often busy particularly on the weekends


Willows is right next to Westdene. Moat people tend to confuse the two places. The
atmosphere of the place is similar to the one of Westdene’s and very care-free. Willows
is a bit further away from the University but it is rather closer to CUT (Central University
of Technology), UFS students who stay in there tend to walk or take a taxi. It is closer
to city central and surrounded by a number of shops, pubs/clubs, restaurants, salons
and mainly one of the biggest malls in town, Loch Logan Waterfront.


It is closer to shops, the mall and restaurants

Public transport is easily accessible

Police tend to patrol in the suburb


Crime rate might be a problem particularly with regards to snatching of phones and bags

It is far from the University

There are also suburbs around the University that are a bit further away like
Universitas Ridge, Wilgehof and Dan pienaar which are suitable for students/people with motor vehicles.