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What type of student accommodation suits you

As a new student in Bloemfontein, you are probably puzzled on what sort of
accommodation would suit your personal preferences. There is rather a variety of
choices near the University of the Free State (Bloemfontein campus) one can choose
from staying on campus, communes and renting your own apartment.


Staying in res basically means you are staying on one of the campus residences.
Usually students with good marks are given preference of staying on the campus
premises and need to maintain the marks in order to continue staying there or be part
of the res’s executive or mentors. It is convenient accommodation because you do not
have to wake up so early to get to class =–


It is safe

It is highly convenient, everything is near including the mall and other shops and restaurants on campus

You get to know the university premises and never struggle with finding your classes

You get to interact with other students and be more included in the activities that happen on campus

There is unlimited WIFI on-campus


The residences are all sharing except if you get really good marks or you are a residences head

You have to attend or participate in everything that is happening on campus which might be an inconvenience for
students who need to study

There are rules as a first year you have to comply to until they give you a ‘pass’ for example you have a curfew and you need to be in your rooms at a certain time

Everything that happens on campus you are directly impacted by it like strikes


Commune is an off-campus accommodation where students have an option of
choosing if they want a sharing or a single room. Sharing rooms are usually cheaper
than the single rooms. In communes, they share common living spaces such as the
kitchen, bathroom and living room.


There aren’t necessarily ‘special’ rules that first years have to comply to

You have a personal choice of what you prefer between sharing and single

The contracts protect both the tenant and the landlord

Most communes, electricity and water are included in your rent

Most communes have WIFI

Since the price ranges differently for sharing and singles rooms, it is more flexible for you to choose the most
suitable and affordable option


You might get housemates that are rowdy and not considerate

Most shared communal spaces may not be respected and cleaned

Certain landlords can be difficult to deal with and they do not care about the wellbeing of their tenants

Some communes might be far from the University which requires one to wake up early


Renting is another off-campus accommodation option which is suitable for students who prefer their own individual space without interaction with any other tenants, or students. It costs a little more than the other options there are for students as there are no shared spaces except for the parking lot and the laundry space.


You do not share any spaces with the other tenants/ students

Since you are alone, you do not have to run after people to keep it clean

You can personalize yours own renting space

The renting spaces are more quiet and that makes it an ideal space for students that wants to study in a quiet place


Most of the renting spaces do not have unlimited WIFI

Electricity and water is not included in the rent, meaning you have to buy your own electricity and water

There are no cleaners so you would have to do the cleaning all by yourself

The are no interactions with other tenants

The rent is frankly quite steep for students

Some of the rental spaces have entertainment spaces and the gym such as campus
key but there are other spaces that rental spaces around the University especially for
students and they are: Unilofts and Respublica
Personally, I would choose the option of staying in a commune. It is affordable, flexible,
in addition, you have the option of interacting and not interacting with people
particularly if you choose to take a single room. Nonetheless, as people we prefer
different things be sure to choose an accommodation that will meet most of your
requirements and needs.